From Bach to jazz so special about CONSORT STUTTGART is the virtuoso performance of original works and delicate arrangements.

The musicians of CONSORT STUTTGART are professionals from southern Germany with a lot of stage and concert experience and all designated soloists on their instruments. In this and other occupations they are carriers of numerous awards and international awards. They also pass on their knowledge of the culture of the South German brass music master classes and workshops.

Versed in matters Jazz RÜDIGER RUF (TRUMPET) separates since the age of 10 only "emergency" of his instrument.
There is nothing in the trumpet what he does not know or has played. Trumpet, flugelhorn, and other variations of the instrument provide for him is not a secret. RÜDIGER RUF has six trumpets, which are constantly in use in order to showcase the best in the various projects, so among other things at world-famous musicals in Stuttgart.

His partner - KAI EPPLER (TRUMPET), born 1978 in Balingen, the heart of the Brass country.
He could never imagine something different than playing trumpet professionally. At the age of 10 years, this decision was made and he was in body and soul in trumpet playing. Far different orchestras and big bands, chamber music ensembles gave him the opportunity to deal with almost all styles. Since 2003, he enjoys the Bergische Symphoniker with his game.

Classical concert experience with doctorate represents the ensemble DARIUSZ MIKULSKI (HORN). During his studies at the Music Academy in Lodz, he won the most important competitions of his profession in Poland, as well as various awards at international competitions in Germany, France and the Czech Republic. Since 1994 he lives in Stuttgart and found after studying in Lodz, Stuttgart and Salzburg also in conducting recognition.

No other trombonist could the strengths of the ensemble CONSORT STUTTGART better shape than CARSTEN Ebbinghaus.
He has a lot of experience in jazz and blues, played in big bands, musicals and the Bundeswehr with orchestra and is a member of the 2001 STUTTGART consort since March. His humorous way of making music comes with audiences quickly - the funny bone will be well supported!

DOMINIK Gückel (TUBA) was a tuba player in the field of historical performance practice formed (romantic instruments) and has thereby made himself a name. Dominik has a number of rare historical instruments, the oldest tuba in his collection was built in 1870. To get a new instrument, no way it's too far, whether or Hamburg Chicago. He also proved his skills in classical orchestras, musicals and jazz in the New Orleans style.
He also plays like Ophicleide the predecessor of the tuba and the bass player for Saxophones and provides support and rest for CONSORT STUTTGART.