Ksenia Dubrovskaya - Violin


The Moscow-born violinist is an acclaimed by public and press soloist with performances in Europe, Russia, Asia and the USA, including uva under Saulius Sondeckis, Shinik Ham, Justus Frantz, Jaczek Kaspczyk, Theodore Kuchar.

She is a winner of the Tchaikovsky Competition, earned her degree at the Moscow Conservatory and her Masters with Prof. Zakhar Bron in Zurich. At the Zurich University of the Arts, she studied conducting with the specialist Marc Kissoczy with such success that she was immediately hired away from his studies in many countries eg Russia, Germany, Spain etc.


Dr. Dariusz Mikulski - Conductor


One of the most important and talented Polish musicians, having in his curriculum numerous appearances and productions all over the world, Dr. Dariusz Mikulski, is a concert and Opera conductor, Horn soloist, music pedagogue and producer.

Dr. Dariusz Mikulski has studied in Poland, Germany and Austria.

Bertrand Giraud - Piano


Born in 1971, Bertrand GIRAUD obtained his Piano Diploma and his Chamber Music Diploma in 1995 with "Mention Très Bien" at the Conservatory of Geneva in Dominique MERLET 's Class. He also obtained a Vocal Accompaniment Diploma from the Paris Conservatory. Since 1995, his main teachers have been maestro Bruno CANINO, Colette ZERAH, and Aquiles DELLE VIGNE, all of which were paramount in his artistic evolution. Under their supervision, Mr. Giraud studied chamber music, accompaniment, composition, musical analysis, and improvisation.

Maria Yavroumi - Piano


 Maria Yavroumi is one of the most talented and prominent Greek pianists of the young generation.

She was born in Tripolis and started her piano lessons taught by her father, Nikolaos Yavroumis, at the age of 6. In 2000 she graduated from Attikon Conservatory with distinction, under the teaching of Dimitris Toufexis.