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60 years events in Ernst Reuter Hall And 40 years in Fontane - Haus mean 100 years culture for Reinickendorf. Countless orchestras and soloists goods since the 1950s in Reinickendorf guest..

100 years Culture In And for Reinickendorf, 60 years in the Ernst-Reuter Hall and 40 years in Fontane - house are impressive evidence for successful, continuous cultural work in the County of. over 10 milion guests more than 10,000 And the other offers have besuchy in both houses. From the outset it our concert series Reinickendorf Classics Berlin is a real classic of the city. In Schools And Andersen places in Reinickendorf started early 50s, is represented since its opening in both houses and has evolved with them by an attractive program and by continuity to a decades-long success story.



Dr. Dariusz Mikulski presents: Master Pianist in Reinickendorf


Friday, January 27, 2017

Manuel Teval – Piano

Laura Sierra Ramos – Piano


The series Dariusz Mikulski presents: Master Pianist in Reinickendorf Now In third season. In four concerts he presents outstanding and exceptional pianists and pianists. For the first concert of this series comes with the Iberian & Piano Piano Duo is one of the most exclusive and most interesting Klavieduos the presence of to Reinickendorf. Since seinse inception in 2009, the duo, has acquired and oh no orchestra in prestigious concert halls and festivals aud in the UK, France, Portugal, Italy, United States and above all Spain great recognition from critics and concertgoers.

Laura Sierra Ramon And Manuel Tevar engangieren with your Repertroire for the dissemination of Spanish, lateinmerikanischen And contemporary. Music And are in the different Stlien to house. 2015 played się to Gerd Enken the 60th anniversary of the Spanish membership in the United Narionen In New York's Carnegie Hall. They won 2016 the first prize at the international "Bradshaw & Buono "Piano Competition. 2016 you published your zwite CD Bon Voyage with music by Bach, Mozart, Schubert and a homage to Enrique Granados, who his 150th birthday will present as part of the concert.


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Dr. Dariusz Mikulski presents: Master Pianist in Reinickendorf


Thursday, February 12, 2017

Enrique Batiz – Piano

L.v. Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor Op. 13 "Patatique"

Fr. Chopin: Klaviersonate No. 2, in B flat minor Op. 35

Chopin: Polonaise A flat major, Op. 53


Many of the greatest pianist of the past were also amazing conductors , name as Liszt, Fischer, Iturbi and Anda; nowadays Ashkenazy and Baremboim show us that it is possible to be a great pianist and a great conductor at the same time. Enrique Batiz started to study piano in 1950 with Francisco Agea, Maestro of the most brilliant mexicans pianists, and he performed the first time when he was only 5 years old. Then he improved himself with Gyorgy Sandor, Adele Marcus, Alexander Uninsky and graduated in warsaw with Zbignieg Drzewieckie.

After a brilliant pianistic career, Enrique Batiz dedicated himself at the conducting and he become one of the most famous conductor of America Latina. He has conducted more than 500 orchestras around the world and he recorded for the BBC of London with the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra. Artist appreciated for his vehemence and enthusiasm, he shows a profound and special musical comprehension also between the most recognized conductors. His discography consists of 145 records for LABELS as EMI, Naxos, ASV, Musical Heritage and ARS, realized with the London Symphony Orchestra, the Liverpool Philarmonic Orchestra, the Orquesta Sinfónica del Estado de México, the Orchestra della Toscana, etc...

Since few years Batiz, despite the engagements with the orchestras and the theatres, he’s back to his first love, the piano. During his career he received many important prizes and recognitions as The Biennial prize of Art Confederation professionists of Mexico, the prize “José Marti” and the “Medaglia Aquila di Tlateloco”, the international prize “Mercurio d’Oro” in Rome and the “Medaglia of Rio Branco”, in four occasions (1971, 1981, 1983, 1986) he won the annual prize of the Mexican Union of columnists of Theatre and Music.


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Dr. Dariusz Mikulski presents: Master Pianist in Reinickendorf


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Piotr Paleczny – Piano Solo

With Piotr Paleczny another master pianist comes in the Ernst-Reuter Hall. He is one of herausragandsten Polish pianist And Professorem And winners of five international piano competitions. He completed his piano studies at the Frederic Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw. The personal artistic .Contact with Arthur Rubinsten And Witold Lutoslawski had great influence on the final development of his artistic personality. His success at the 8th Frederic Chopin Piano Competition opened Piotr Paleczny the doors to the most prestigious Konzersalen the world. In hindus he acquired great recognition as a juror at international piano Bet - be advertisers worldwide. In July 2007 he was in Cleveland first Polish jury chairman of a piano - competition in the USA.

In his Reinickendorfer concert he dedicated to the piano music of Chopin one of the most important personalities in the Gershichte Poland And most influential and popular composers of piano music at all.


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Dr. Dariusz Mikulski presents: Master Pianist in Reinickendorf


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Vicky Stylianou – Piano Solo

Vicky Stylianou was born in Athens ind received five years her first piano lessons. Age of ten she won the first prize of Penhellenischen Piano Competition "K. Papaioannou "And is excellent graduate of the Athens Conservatory. With a grant from the French government, she studied in Paris and later at the Music Academy in Basel, where she received the soloist diploma. Vicky Stylinanou have been numerous onzerte In Greece And Andersen countries, inter alia, In England, France, Italy, Germany, in Switzerland and in the USA.

They also Worked on radio, television, and CD recordings with her Reportoire includes a large number of works of very different styles. It employs above all with the interpretation of contemporary music with emphasis in the grechischen music. Here she has already played several world premieres.

Vicky Stylianou is a member of the "Greek Ensemble for Contemporary Music", and the "Athens Trio", with whom she has already released three CDs. With her Dariusz Mikulski presents this time a hereusragende "Most pianist In Reinickedorf".


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Dr. Dariusz Mikulski presents: Master Pianist in Reinickendorf


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Valerian Shiukashvili – Piano Solo


At the conclusion of the series of concerts "Master Pianist in Reinicknedorf" with Georgiev Valerian Shiukashvili a star of the international Piano Konzert. In the Ernst-Reuter-Saal. At twelve, he began his training and already Thereafter he played Mozart's Piano Concerto no. 23 with an orchestra seis first concert. This performance was hailed by music critics. 1992 won Valerian the All Union Competition In Russia, allowed him admission to the Moscow Zentale music school. After graduating in 1997 he was admitted without entrance examination at the National Conservatorium in Tbilisi.

In his concerts Valerian Shiukashvili plays among others Mussorskys piano cycle "Blider an Exhibition", which is considered Musturbeispiel for program music. Known worldwide was the piece in the orchestral version of Maurice Ravel. But there are also other versions, including by Nikolai Rimsky - Korsakov and Henry Wood, but also of the progressive rock group "Emerson, Lake Palmer Et" from the 1971st


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