"The last Night of the Year"



Gala concert Christmas with champagne reception in the break

Orchestra of the Lower Silesian Philharmonic Jelena Góra (Hirschberg)





Dr. Dariusz Mikulski – Conductor

Stefan de Leval-Jezierski - Horn 

Maciej Baranowski - Horn

Grzegorz Curyla - Horn

Aleksander Pokrywka - Horn


The last concert of the year holds something special prepared: five horn players are at the same time on stage. Four soloists and Dariusz Mikulski, who was also several times seen as a horn player in the Ernst-Reuter-hall and listen. Robert Schumann Concert Piece for four horns and orchestra, F-moll, Op. 86 was premiered in 1850 at the Leipzig Gewandhaus and was for a long time because of its high technical demands on the four soloists and his virtuosity as unplayable. Dramatic, sublime, moving and solemn horn melodies alternate, while the orchestra makes its appearance passu with the soloists.

In addition, the New Year's Concert 2014 offers traditionally a journey through classical music, this time with a trip to Ennio Morricone's wonderful film music and as always with Edward Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance" at the end.


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