Viennese Waltz Kings


Saturday, January 16, 2016, 19:00


Ernst Reuter Hall

Eichborndamm 219-235 in Rathaus Reinickendorf, 13437 Berlin




Vienna Belvedere Salon Orchestra (Original Cast Strauss)

Viennese court ballet ensemble

Dariusz Mikulski - management and moderation

Rebecca Heudorfer - Soprano




  • J. Strauss: Overture to "Die Fledermaus"
  • J. Strauss: "Sounds of the homeland" from "Die Fledermaus"
  • J. Strauss: "Roses from the South" op 388.
  • J. Strauss: "Pele - Mele" polka op 161.
  • J. Lanner: "Hofballtänze" op 202.
  • J. Strauss: Eljen a Magyar, polka op 332.


  • J. Strauss: "Fruehlinsstimmen" Waltz Op 410.
  • J. Strauss: On the Beautiful, Blue Danube, Op 314.
  • J. Strauss: "With Extra Post" polka op 314.
  • J. Strauss: "Tritsch - Expert" polka op 214.
  • Fr. Lehar: My lip kissing so hot "
  • E. i J. Strauss: "Pizzicato Polka"
  • J. Strauss: "My Lord Marguis"
  • J. Strauss: Kaiser-Walzer op 473.


The wonderful music of the first waltz king and his sons Johann, Josef and Eduard Strauss

Strauss-guest performances there are many, but the original one by CONCORNO guarantees the highest quality. The Viennese Waltz Kings, one of the most successful Strauss toured Europe a guest again in Germany "The Viennese charm." - Is there anything better than to let yourself be carried away for an evening in the world of Viennese waltzes before 200. year was Johan Strauss (father) Born:. the undisputed ruler of the kingdom of the three-four time, the 'Waltz King', as it has been called once Richard Wagner Through him and his sons Johann, Josef and Eduard, who emulated him soon, the waltz into the most important dance of the 19th century. The Strauss family raised the light music on a non formerly impossible level. The foundation for this purpose put Johann Strauss (father) with his orchestra, he gave the Viennese waltz its specific form and thus met exactly the taste of a wide audience. The title of the Waltz King made him But soon his own son Johann dispute that developed the waltz at that art form that we admire today so.

You will be enchanted by the wonderfully lilting music of the Strauss family, while enjoying an unforgettable evening with the ballet ensemble, the singer and orchestra conducted by Dariusz Mikulski.