Opera "El Greco"



19 & 20 May 2015, 21:00

Municipal Theatre of Piraeus Iroon Polytechniou 32, Piraeus


With the support of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs
In cooperation with the region of Attica.



Libretto: Elias Liam

The orchestra "Armonia Mondialis" directed by Dr. Dariusz Tomasz Mikulski

Direction, sets and dramaturgy: Vassilis Anastasiou

Costumes: LEDIO Konxholli

Choreography: Ricardo Cue

Lighting: Giuseppe di Iorio

Orchestration: Cristian Carrara

The harmonization - choirs coordination: Chryssoula Tsimouris

Rhythmic Translation: Carlo Torriani, Tania Kitsou

Production Coordination: Maria Xanthopoulou MSC, Voula Touloudis Panagiotis Alexopoulos

Supervising the execution of production: Angel Karaindrou


The role will be carried out:

Dario di Vietri (tenor) - El Greco

SilviaDalla Bennett (soprano) - SofiaCheronima

Marita Paparizou - Sylvana

Omar CAMAT (baritone) - Titian

Carlo Torriani - Governor Molino

Paul Zahariades - Icarus

Sotiris roses (baritone) - Peter II Painter, the second Inquisitor

Harris Andrianos - Manolis

Christos Priftis (Bass) - painter, I inquisitor

Theophilus Ioannides (Baritone) - Kalogeros, Paravithinio, III Inquisitor

Ievgenie Gunko (Basso Profondo) - The Grand Inquisitor

Fanis Kafousias (ithopoios.choreftis) - Marquis de Cuevas-Bacchus


Participating choirs: NTUA choir, the choir "Lira seven string" Ag Efthimios Keratsini, Children's Choir Greek-French school in Joseph

Digitization of the musical material: ART SYNTHESIS LTD, Efstathios Tsimouris

Production Management - Organization: ELKE School of Fine Arts, which is also responsible for the implementation of the project "cultural events for El Greco as an expression of artistic creation" (MIS 474631) ESPA 2007-2013 Operational Programme "Attica" on the recommendation of the Little Opera World.

Project leader: Prof. George Charvalias

Deputy Head of John V. Sidiropoulos, Technical Advisor - VSkinothetis.


Ticket Prices: 12 € (students, unemployed, disabled), 35 €, 50 €, 75 €

Presale: Viva.gr, 11876, Public, Public.gr, Papasotiriou, Seven Places, Janus, Media Markt, Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, ticketservices.gr, 2107234567


Information about the Opera "El Greco": here