Dariusz Mikulski - Horn

Lars Jönsson - Piano

From Beethoven and Schumann to twill and Rindt this occupation shows the path from the classical to the Romantic period to the present day.

The HORNDUO in the cast horn and piano is still an occupation, to which each individual soloist must prove his skills.
DARIUSZ MIKULSKI (Horn) comes from Poland, the pianist JÖNSSON LARS from Sweden. Both now live in Germany.

They occur throughout Europe as a soloist in various occupations. The expressive power of each individual, as well as their harmonious interaction as a duo has been praised highly and widely.
Often the horn stands in counterpoint to the piano, which drives it forward and adds musical support, such as in L. van Beethoven Sonata for Horn and Piano. Romantic it goes to R. Schumann, while KH Twill, as well as M. Rindt, among the contemporary composers.


"The [...] structures of the [...] piece were communicated clearly and conclusively, not least thanks to the fabulous tone shaping from the Horn [...] and the dramatic enthusiasm of the pianist into a persuasive advertisement for the chamber music of recent years."
(Frankenpost Court, 07.01.2001)

"The sympathetic artist, tuned perfectly to each other, interpreted the [...] works with unprecedented power and held the handset to the last note in breathless spell. [...]"
(Braunschweiger Zeitung, 18.09.2001)

"Brahms ended the concert 'classic romance at its finest."
(Wolfenbüttel Gazette, 18.09.2001)