Duo Horn and Piano - Dariusz Mikulski and Lars Jönsson



Dariusz Mikulski - Horn

Lars Jönsson - Piano

From Beethoven and Schumann to twill and Rindt this occupation shows the path from the classical to the Romantic period to the present day.

The HORNDUO in the cast horn and piano is still an occupation, to which each individual soloist must prove his skills.
DARIUSZ MIKULSKI (Horn) comes from Poland, the pianist JÖNSSON LARS from Sweden. Both now live in Germany.

Consort Stuttgart Brass Ensemble



From Bach to jazz so special about CONSORT STUTTGART is the virtuoso performance of original works and delicate arrangements.

The musicians of CONSORT STUTTGART are professionals from southern Germany with a lot of stage and concert experience and all designated soloists on their instruments. In this and other occupations they are carriers of numerous awards and international awards. They also pass on their knowledge of the culture of the South German brass music master classes and workshops.