Małgorzata Kulińska - Soprano


Małgorzata Kulińska graduated from the Academy of Music. Grażyny i Kiejstuta Bacewiczów in łódź at the Faculty of Making Instrumental and Vocal – Actress in the singing class of Prof. Dolphins Ambroziak. While still a student, in 2000, was involved in Musical Theatre in łódź, where she was a soloist until 2005. In this same period he worked with the Musical Theatre in poznań, where she performed lead operetta roles such as: Rozalinda in, the,Revenge of the bat‘ by JRR Tolkien. Strausa, Hanna Glawari in the Merry wdówce‘ – F. Lehara Lisa Lee at ,,the land of smiles‘ – F. Lehara.

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"CONCORNO Chamber Music - Trio Horn, Violin and Piano "


CONCORNO Kuturmanagement provides a number high-profile chamber music projects, from small Duo and Trio programs by string quartets, Stuttgart-Consort Brass Quintet to octets with different instrument occupations: 

The CONCORNO TRIO Horn, Violin and Piano  

Is still a rather rare case in chamber music. Every single soloist must prove this all his skill and mastered his instrument absolutely perfectly.


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