Enrique Batiz - Piano


Many of the greatest pianist of the past were also amazing conductors , name as Liszt, Fischer, Iturbi and Anda; nowadays Ashkenazy and Baremboim show us that it is possible to be a great pianist and a great conductor at the same time. Enrique Batiz started to study piano in 1950 with Francisco Agea, Maestro of the most brilliant mexicans pianists, and he performed the first time when he was only 5 years old.

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The wonderful music of the first waltz king and his sons Johann, Josef and Eduard Strauss

Strauss-guest performances there are many, but only the original one by CONCORNO guarantees the highest quality.

The Viennese Waltz Kings, one of the most successful tours of Europe bouquet a guest again in Germany "The Viennese charm" - there is nothing more beautiful than to let yourself be carried away an evening in the world of Viennese waltzes.

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